Control Upgrade for CNC Benders


BendPro brings new life and performance to any CNC tube bender and has become the industry standard control system.

Customers tell us it offers the highest level of performance, reliability, and functionality available.

Companies standardize on BendPro because it works with all of their tube bending machines regardless of make and model.

Operators benefit from learning a single control system. Naturally, this reduces training time, down time, and scrapped material while increasing productivity. 


Industry-Leading Features

3D Simulation

Teach Modes

CAD Importing

Industry 4.0 Support with BendPro IoT

Increase Production & Quality

  • Rapid and simultaneous motion of all devices
  • Optimized machine sequences
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable

Less Down Time

  • Reliable Beckhoff Industrial PC
  • Guaranteed long-term availability
  • Best support in the industry

Your Benders Can Do More

  • Interfaces to CAD, Measuring Machines, etc.
  • Support for large-radius push bending
  • Supports tube cutters, hole punches, and more
BendPro Control Software Master Menu
BendPro Control Software Pines Trenergy

Powerful Upgrade for any Bender

Upgrading your existing bender with BendPro is far less expensive than purchasing a new bender. And you can keep using your existing bending dies.

BendPro can be installed on site at your location; you won’t need to send your bender anywhere. Customers can have their existing benders upgraded with BendPro and also order it with most new benders on the market.

The list of benders supported by BendPro continues to grow and currently includes Addison, Eagle, Eaton Leonard, Pines, CSM, Chiyoda, COMCO, Keins, SOCO, YLM, MiiC, BLM, Pedrazzoli, and others. 

Industry-Leading Features

CAD Interface

BendPro can import tubes geometries from virtually any CAD program including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, Pro-E, etc.

STEP or IGES files can be imported directly into the BendPro software and saved as bender part or Supravision files. This makes programming new parts much easier and quicker while reducing data entry mistakes.

BendPro Control Software CAD Interface
BendPro Control Software New Part Wizard

New Part Wizard

The New Part Wizard walks you through each screen step by step allowing for quick, easy, and error-free creation of new part programs.

Intuitive Part Editor

New customers are surprised by how quick and easy it is to program parts in BendPro, especially when compared to other control systems. The Parts Editor is designed to make data entry and editing intuitive and easy.

BendPro Control Software Part Editor
BendPro Control Software 3D Tube Display

3D Tube Display

Any programmed part can be displayed in 3D for the purpose of verifying the shape and bending orientation. Command buttons are included for rotating, spinning, panning, zooming, etc. The tube can also be animated to show the bending orientation.

3D Simulation

BendPro software has a powerful option called SIM that simulates the bending process to detect potential collisions between the tube, bending machine, and bend tooling.

SIM can also be used to determine optimal bending sequences in order to avoid collisions and also reduce cycle times. 

BendPro Control Software SIM 3D Simulation
BendPro Control Software Teach Modes

Teach Modes

Programming interference moves is often a complicated and time-consuming process with other bender controls. BendPro has several options to make programming avoidance moves quick and easy.

Teach Mode is used for programming avoidance moves and for optimizing bending sequences to increase production.


BendPro’s extensive built-in diagnostics can be used for real-time troubleshooting of all machine devices including sensors, valves, and servos.

BendPro Control Software Diagnostics
BendPro Control Software Diagnostics Servo Scope

Servo Scope

The Servo Scope can be used to quickly configure and tune servo devices. This powerful tool can also be used to occasionally give your bender an advanced tune-up. This helps increase the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of any servo device including motors, servo valves, and proportional valves.

Additional Standard Features

  • Program parts while bending
  • Multi-part sequencing
  • Resume after E-stop without scrapping the part
  • Resume after safety zone violation without scrapping the part
  • Start bending at any bend number
  • Open and closed collet bending support
  • Hitch feeding
  • Recapture the tube in the Pressure Die zone using Teach
  • Programmable unload sequences using Teach
  • Profiling of pressures and speeds
  • Feedrate override (0-100% of programmed speeds)
  • Electronic gearing of bend arm, carriage, PDA, etc.
  • Springback and elongation compensation options
  • 24 user-definable alarms

Available Options

  • BendPro IoT - brings Industry 4.0 to your bender
  • CAD Interface - import STEP, IGES, and ShipConstructor files
  • CMM Interface - Measuring machines including Romer, AICON, FARO, Eaton Leonard Vector, etc.
  • Desktop Programming Software
  • Simulation Software (at bender and desktop)
  • Push bending (large and/or multiple-radii)
  • Robotic loader and unloader interfaces
  • Programmable PSI package
  • Tube cutter support
  • Hole drilling and punching support
  • Custom software

What's Included

BendPro Control Mobile Pedestal

What You Get

  • The best tube bending software on the planet
  • Rugged and Reliable hardware available worldwide. No proprietary components are used.
  • Beckhoff Industrial PC has guaranteed long-term availability. You won't get this with consumer products such as tablet PCs or Android tablets.
  • Engineering expertise. BendPro is backed by engineers that have many years of experience with control systems, software, and tube bending.
  • New set of electrical schematics drawn specifically for your bender. Professional and easy to understand.
  • Best tech support in the industry. With engineers in Colorado and the UK, we cover multiple time zones.
  • A support partner for life. With over 2500 tube bender controls in the field worldwide, we are here to stay.

Reliable Hardware

BendPro Control Beckhoff Industrial PC

Industrial PC

We chose Beckhoff PCs and I/O modules because of their proven track record in industrial environments. Furthermore, the Beckhoff PCs and I/O modules are stocked worldwide and are guaranteed for long-term availability – something you will not get with consumer products such as tablet PCs or Android tablets.

Compact I/O System

A compact Beckhoff I/O rack mounts inside the bender’s main electrical cabinet and interfaces to sensors, valves, encoders, and servo drives. We use Beckhoff I/O terminals because of their rugged reliability, known performance, and long-term availability.

BendPro Control Beckhoff IO
BendPro Control Beckhoff Industrial PC Rittal Console

High Quality Components

BendPro’s hardware is of the highest quality, performance, and reliability. The control is housed in a compact, mobile, Rittal operator console with locking casters. The console is connected via high-speed EtherCAT (Ethernet) to a compact I/O system which consumes very little space in the bender’s electrical cabinet. Heavy-duty Allen-Bradley pushbutton switches and joysticks are used for machine operation at the console.

Tech Support

Customers tell us that our technical support is the best in the industry. We have support offices in Colorado and the United Kingdom. We also offer online remote support using popular TeamViewer software, allow us to login to your BendPro G2 control to help quickly diagnose problems, update software, activate new software features, re-tune servo drives, etc.


BendPro Control Current Tech Support


BendPro Images

HMT 3.5E-MS All-Electric CNC bender

HMT 3.5E-MS All-Electric CNC bender

With Digital Servos and 3D Simulation

BendPro CSM 18 TDRE CNC Hybrid benders

CSM 18 TDRE CNC Hybrid benders

This Aircraft company is standardizing on BendPro


HMT ES5.0 Heavy Duty CNC bender

With Swing Away Wiper Die


Eaton Leonard VB 75 CNC bender

Interfaced to Eaton Leonard Vector CMM 


SOCO SB-80x12A All Electric CNC bender

With Boost and Tube Cutter


Crippa CA 942 Electric CNC Bender

Interfaced to Romer CMM


Adaptive Motion CNC bender

With Electric Y axis Boost 


Adaptive Motion CNC bender

With Tube Cutter


Pines CNC 100 bender

Ontario Canada


Eagle EPT 75 CNC bender

Oxford England


Schwarze Wirtz CNC100DB bender

With Boost Clamp and Loader Interface


Techno CNC bender



Horn 2 CNC bender

With Servo Pressure Die and Pressure Die Assist


Keins KB-10 Multi-Stack CNC bender

In the Current Tech Lab


Eaton Leonard Electric CNC bender


Addison and CSM CNC benders

Tubecraft in the UK has standardized on BendPro


Eagle EPT 10 CNC bender

Interfaced to Romer CMM


Jesse CNC Pipe bender

With Overhead Clamp


Pines 4 Semi-Automatic (NC) bender

With Programmable Boost direct on tube


Crippa CA 925 Electric CNC bender

With 3D simulation and Collision Detection


Addison DB 25 CNC bender

Interfaced to Romer Measuring Machine


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of upgrading my bender with BendPro versus buying a new one?
  • It is far less expensive to upgrade your control system with BendPro then to purchase a new bender
  • You can still use your existing bending dies; you don’t need to purchase new tooling
  • BendPro performs better and is able to do more than the OEM controls being shipped on new benders
  • We include new electrical schematics that are professional and easy to understand
  • You will be supported for life by a US based company
Will I need to ship my bender somewhere to have a BendPro control installed?

No. BendPro can be installed on-site at your location. This will save you money on trucking costs and also reduce the amount of time your bender is down.

Will I be able to reuse my existing part files?

In some cases, yes. BendPro can import part files from some of the control systems made by Eaton Leonard, Pines, Adaptive Motion, and others.

Do I need to replace the servo drives and motors?

In most cases, no. BendPro can interface to almost any existing servo system. If your servos are obsolete and/or starting to fail, you might want to consider replacing them. We will quote replacement servos as an option. The servos can also be replaced later if desired.

Will BendPro work on any of my tube bending machines?

BendPro was designed to work on any rotary draw, CNC tube bending machines. Companies often standardize on BendPro for this reason; their operators only need to learn a single control system.
The following list includes some of the benders currently supported by BendPro:

  • Addison
  • Eagle
  • Eaton Leonard
  • Pines
  • CSM
  • Chiyoda
  • Keins
  • SOCO
  • YLM
  • Miic
  • BLM
  • Pedrazzoli

Will BendPro work on electric benders too?

Yes. BendPro can control all-electric benders, hydraulic benders, and hybrids.

Why should I choose BendPro?

Benefits include increased performance, reliability, functionality, ease of use, and excellent support by experienced engineers.

Do you charge for software upgrades?

Software updates are always available at no charge.

What about support?

You will have unlimited phone and internet support from experienced engineers at our offices in Denver, Colorado and the UK.

Do we need to purchase the simulation software?

Not everyone needs simulation software. Companies that purchase this option are those that frequently bid on bending new part shapes. They want to make sure they have a bending machine that can produce the part without machine interference. The software also estimates cycle times, which also helps during the bidding process.

What options are available with BendPro?

Desktop programming and simulation software, as well as interfaces to CAD, CMMs, robots, loaders, unloaders, cells, tube cutters, hole punches, corporate networks, the internet, custom software, etc.

How long has Current Tech been in business?

Since 1988. With over 1800 tube bender controls in the field, we are here to stay.