Several years ago, Boeing contacted Current Tech about upgrading their Eagle CNC tube bending machines with BendPro. Their benders were in good mechanical shape, but the control system components were failing and no longer available for purchase or repair.

Current Tech installed new BendPro controls and upgraded the servo drives and motors on-site at Boeing, eliminating the need to ship the benders off-site. We worked with Washington State contractors to assist with the installations and adhere to local codes, as well as also obtain third party labeling-a Boeing requirement.

Other Boeing requirements included interfaces to bar code scanners and CMMs.

BendPro’s optional Simulation software is used in their offices and by operators at the benders. The simulation software animates a 3D model of each CNC bender to check for tube/machine collisions, and then allows the operator to program any required avoidance moves. Corrections to part programs and machine sequences can be done in the simulation process before any tubing is scrapped on the benders. The software saves a substantial amount of time and money while producing tubular parts made out of expensive materials such as Inconel and titanium.

Users further benefit from BendPro’s advanced Springback and Elongation calculations and compensation capabilities.

Boeing has also recently purchased several new all-electric CNC benders with BendPro installed, bringing their number to over 25 BendPro control systems on various CNC tube benders.

BendPro G2 Simulation Software at the bender.

BendPro Simulation Software at the bender.

Tube collisions can be detected and corrected before any material is wasted.