Control-A-Bend CAB-2 Di-Acro Control upgrade

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Control Upgrade for Di-Acro Benders

CAB-2 Di-Acro was designed specifically for the Di-Acro #6 and #8 Power Benders. This control was designed to be a "bolt on" kit that requires no modification to the original Di-Acro bender.

CAB-2 Di-Acro provides programmable bend angles and eliminates the need for the manually adjusted "rod stops" that originally shipped with the benders. This means that your operators will spend less time setting up the bender for various jobs and more time bending parts. Scrapped material is greatly reduced as well.


Faster Setups

Manual angle stops are eliminated, and bend angle adjustment is no longer a matter of time-consuming trial and error.

Better Accuracy

Bend angles can be programmed to .1 of a degree. A high resolution optical encoder is used to feedback bend angle degrees to the control.

Less Scrap

Since bend angle adjustment is no longer a matter of trial and error, your material scrap rate will decrease significantly. The Springback test routine and calculator can also be used to reduce scrap.

Easy to Use

Plain language menus allow for quick and easy operation. No numeric codes are required.

Control-A-Bend CAB-2 Di-Acro Control upgrade bender
Control-A-Bend CAB-2 Di-Acro Control features


  • Eliminates "rod stops"
  • Stores 1000 part programs
  • Programmable bend angle resolution is .1 degree
  • Springback test and calculator
  • Real-time bend arm position display
  • Production counter
  • Plain language menus for easy operation
  • Heavy-duty sealed encoder
  • Rugged, reliable, and Easy-to-use
  • Works on Di-Acro #6 and Di-Acro #8 Power Benders

What's Included

What You Get

  • Rugged and reliable hardware available world wide
  • Installation instructions
  • Electrical schematics
  • User's Manual
  • 2-year warranty
  • Best tech support in the industry. With engineers in Colorado, Tennessee, and the United Kingdom, we cover the MST, EST, and GMT time zones.
  • Long-term support. With over 1800 tube bender controls in the field worldwide, we are here to stay.
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Control-A-Bend CAB-2 Di-Acro Control upgrade

Di-Acro 6 Power Bender

Control is easy to install and operate

Control-A-Bend CAB-2 Di-Acro Control upgrade

Di-Acro 8 Power Bender

Controller eliminates manual Rod Stops


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still need to use the rod stops?

The rod stops will no longer be needed to set the bend angles. Bend angles will now be programmable via the controller.  The rod stop for returning the arm to zero will still be used.

Can I install this controller myself?

Yes, this controller is very easy to install. Installation typically takes less than 1 day.

Will I need to replace any of the bender's hydraulic components?